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Meet Amy, Owner of Essential Admin Services, LLC

Hi, I’m Amy, the owner of Essential Admin Services, LLC. I have over 10 years of administrative experience in various fields, from finance to special education, not to mention my time managing classrooms as a substitute teacher. I am a United States Air Force Veteran who’s traveled and lived in various states, including several countries in Europe. I’ve met and befriended individuals from all walks of life who have taught me much about myself and our world. I wear many hats: mom of two awesome kids, author of a self-help journal titled “Journey to Self-Love and Gratitude”, under the pen name Amy Cramer found on Amazon, and now proud owner of Essential Admin Services. I opened my business in January of 2022 after leaving my corporate job the prior year. Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic opened a world of possibilities for me. I noticed many businesses lost employees left and right and struggled to stay afloat. My mission is to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses in Eastern Pennsylvania and the Baltimore Maryland area by lightening the burden they bear when juggling administrative duties and social media management.

In January 2020, I was hired as a program assistant at a special education agency. I started this position in the office, and then COVID took us all home in March of that year. I worked tirelessly for this company, trying to learn a new position from home and organizing the program that had been without an assistant for almost a year. The program I worked for also underwent a supervisor change during the 18 months I worked for them. In July 2021, I decided I had enough of working for someone else, so I left to start a life coaching business. I received my life coaching certification, published the self-help journal listed above, and still struggled to find the courage to seek clients and grow my business actively. It took me till at least the end of November 2021 before I had an epiphany. Why was I struggling to work in a field I wasn’t confident in? Around that time, I saw an ad on Facebook for training on opening your own virtual assistant business. This led to the realization that I had been looking in all the wrong places. I knew I wanted to help others and find a way to give back to my community so my over 10 years of administrative experience led me to where I am now. I spent countless hours getting this business off the ground and running and was able to land my first client in January of this year.

Hiring a well-diversified Virtual Assistant will give back time to business owners so that they can focus on the aspects of their business that need attention to grow and prosper. We take the guesswork out of the organizational aspect of important data, emails, and agendas. We give them the peace of mind that they are delegating the “busy” work to a reliable, well-versed, focused assistant that genuinely cares about them! A Virtual Assistant isn’t an employee, we are contractors. Therefore, hiring one allows you to scale operations. We are a comparatively cost-effective alternative to employees. You can considerably reduce your costs and invest your money back into your business. You can also hire us for as long or as little as you need. Who doesn’t love better ROI when it comes to your hiring decisions?

What sets me apart from others is that I want to get to know you personally and your business goals and aspirations. What can I do for you that allows you to focus on the intricacies of obtaining more leads, clients, and business? My recent background as a substitute teacher and a program assistant gave me the skills to manage a web of moving parts, problem-solve on a creative and engaging level and develop the aptitude to think outside the box. This unique background gives me the capability to manage and multi-task administrative duties for you giving you at least five hours back in your work week. This allows you time to get back to doing what you love – growing and expanding your business or spending more time with family and friends.


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