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Finishing the Year Strong

December is literally days away and the fourth quarter is quickly coming to an end. What do you need to do to finish this year strong? Do you need to finalize contracts or sell just a few more thousand dollars to meet that yearly goal?

How can you do that when you have mounds of files that need to be organized, inventory that needs to be counted and ordered, and piles of receipts to organize for your accountant?

Outsource! You’re ONE person. No one expects you to do it all alone. Outsourcing is the key to a successful business. You can’t expect to be the owner, administrative assistant, and social media manager all in one.

How else can you finish the year strong? Try these tips:

· Create strong marketing messages to gain the attention of new consumers and loyal clients

· Host events that bring clients in. Customers want your products or services but don’t always want to be sold to. Hosting events can encourage more sales that bring in new and loyal customers to your business. This is a great time of year for consumers to see what exclusive products or services you offer. This is also a great way for your employees to become familiar with your consumers. Positive experiences are more likely to create loyal customers.

· Put your customer first and the ways they engage with your business. Think about ways you can improve their experience with your company and how you will implement these improvements. Don’t let new customers fall through the cracks. Outsource and hire a virtual assistant to stay on top of all those crazy end-of-the-year calls and emails.

Essential Admin Services, LLC has an exclusive end-of-year offer you don’t want to miss out on! We are now offering the purchase of 40 or more retainer hours, allowing you the ability to spread those hours over 6 months as opposed to our typical 3-month retainer period. You will have direct access to your own virtual assistant for 6 months! This offer ends on December 22, 2022, so contact Amy today. This is direct access to the owner. You’ll never speak to a call center.

Contact Amy directly at: or call 717-620-4426.


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