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Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses: Empowering Success Together

Essential Admin Services LLC - Amy Finefrock

As a woman-owned virtual assistant company, I understand business challenges and triumphs. Today, I want to celebrate and support other women entrepreneurs who are paving the way in their respective fields. Women-owned businesses are essential in our economy and society, and I believe in empowering success together.

The Power of Women in Business: Breaking Barriers

Over the years, women entrepreneurs have shattered glass ceilings and defied societal norms. They have taken on leadership roles in industries previously dominated by men and proven their ability to succeed. Their unique perspective, innovative ideas, and compassionate leadership have transformed the business landscape.

As a fellow woman entrepreneur, I recognize the immense dedication and hard work it takes to build and sustain a business. The challenges can be significant, from access to funding to balancing work-life responsibilities. However, with resilience and determination, women-owned businesses are making significant strides in various sectors.

Supporting Each Other: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

At Essential Admin Services, I firmly believe in the power of collaboration over competition. Supporting and uplifting fellow women-owned businesses is not just an act of kindness but a strategic move toward collective success. When we stand together, we create a supportive community where ideas flourish and opportunities multiply.

I create support, encouragement, and a shared knowledge network by collaborating with other women-owned businesses. Whether through partnerships, mentorship programs, or simply promoting each other's work, we can help foster growth and resilience in the face of challenges.

Innovation and Diversity: Driving Progress Forward

Women bring diverse experiences and perspectives to society, and this diversity fuels innovation. In fields like coaching, healthcare, finance, and many others, women-owned businesses are introducing groundbreaking solutions that cater to diverse economic needs.

By encouraging and empowering more women to take the entrepreneurial plunge, we contribute to a more inclusive and equitable business landscape. Diversity in leadership and ownership promotes fair representation and inspires future generations of aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Celebrating Success Stories: Inspiring Others to Dream Big

Every woman-owned business has a unique story – stories of courage, perseverance, and triumph. I inspire others to dream big and pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions by sharing these success stories. Each success paves the way for more women to enter the entrepreneurial realm with confidence.

This week, I am highlighting some women-owned businesses in various industries. By spotlighting these trailblazers, I want to create a ripple effect of empowerment, encouraging more women to step forward and embrace their entrepreneurial journeys. See below for a brief introduction to these amazing women.

Lancaster PA Notary - Pam Witwer

Lancaster PA Notary

Meet Pam Witwer, owner and founder of Lancaster PA Notary, a 24/7 mobile notary and apostille service serving nine counties in Eastern PA. Pam retired from the state government in 2016 after 28 years of service. She founded Lancaster, PA, Notary in March 2023.

Pam is a member of the National Notary Association and the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries. She is also an active member of the Southern Lancaster and Northern Lancaster County Chambers of Commerce, Referral Partners Plus Lancaster City Chapter, and Polka Dot Powerhouse Lancaster Chapter.

Pam lives in the F&M College neighborhood with her husband, Ron, and their sons, Ethan, 21, and Gabriel, 15. They're also the proud dog parents of 3 senior rescues.

A few words from Pam, “Everyone I meet is a potential client, but my focus is making notary services available to the senior community and handicapped & mobility-challenged individuals. I was raised by my grandmother starting at age 18 mos. She is why I have compassion, patience & respect for the senior community. I'm committed to giving my customers an excellent experience every single time.”

You can reach Pam at 717-413-7213 or email her at:

Please see her website link below.

Younique Brand Director - Laraine Paulus

Younique Brand Director/Ambassador

Meet Laraine Paulus. Laraine is a Brand Director with YOUNIQUE. YOUNIQUE is a debt-free company where the CEO receives zero profit; all sales pay their ambassadors and charity. Their mission is to uplift, empower and validate all women.

Words from Laraine - “I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters and grandma to 9. I have a beautiful furbaby that means so much to me. She keeps me company at all times. In my prior life, I worked in the financial field and ended my career with mortgages. I was invited to an online party for YOUNIQUE in the summer of 2021 and fell in love with the products. I started using them and really liked how the skincare items were helping my skin so much and that the makeup I used was such high quality, and once applied, it didn’t move all day. I knew then that I needed to share these with my friends. It was just something I couldn’t keep to myself. So In September 2021, I said yes to the box…

Helping women and uplifting, encouraging, and validating them fills my heart and is a true passion of mine. I know what it’s like to be down on my luck and feel worthless. I needed to do all I could to help other women feel beautiful and feel like they have a purpose in this life…

This company has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. I have met so many wonderful ladies that I now call my friends. I am making a living full-time by sharing what I love and helping women feel loved, beautiful, and worthy. I have found something that matches my passion for helping people, and my heart is full! Training, coaching, and cheering on so many beautiful ladies and working with my customers to answer all their questions on skincare and makeup. I’m so blessed and grateful every day that I was let go from my job because it helped me realize and accept what I should be doing with my life. It gave me all the strength and confidence I needed to be successful and happy!” Feel free to reach out to Laraine on Facebook under Laraine Paulus.

Please see Laraine’s link below.

Next Steps Insurance LLC - Stephanie Yarberough

Next Steps Insurance LLC

Owner and founder of Next Steps Insurance, Stephanie Yarberough, has been in the health insurance space for over seven years and enjoys the relationship aspect of the business and the value she brings to her clients with her expertise and knowledge. Because she is not driven by numbers or quotas from a corporate office, her approach is relaxed and non-pressuring.

Stephanie lives in Lititz, PA, with her husband and three sons, who are quickly growing into young men and starting to leave the nest! When not helping people with their insurance - she enjoys walking, visiting with friends, gardening, and traveling when time and budget allow. Her faith is also very important to her.

Stephanie specializes in assisting the Senior Market & Medicare Eligible persons with their insurance choices. Understanding the complexities of how Medicare works and the decisions that need to be made is an overwhelming yet very important process. Many people new to Medicare are also transitioning into retirement. They may be losing group life insurance, have a 401K they need to reposition, and are worried about financial protection against significant health conditions down the road.

A few words from Stephanie: “I love that as an Independent Broker, I get to educate, advocate and present my clients with all their options without obligation to any one company. I love that many people walk into my office completely overwhelmed & stressed and walk out, taking a big sigh of relief because they finally understand everything. They love that I am in their court, and they never pay me a dime for my services.” You can reach Stephanie at 717-271-2326 or email her at Please see Stephanie’s link below.

Together we thrive! I am committed to supporting and celebrating women-owned businesses in every way possible. Through a culture of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment, I aim to contribute to a future where women thrive in entrepreneurship.

I invite all women entrepreneurs to join me on this journey of growth and progress. Let's break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and build a world where women's voices are valued and cherished.

By empowering success together, we will create a legacy of excellence for generations.


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